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Thirty-One Company

1. Where does the name Thirty-One come from?

       The name Thirty-One comes from Proverbs 31 which talks about a virtuous woman.

2. How was Thirty-One founded?

 Thirty-One is a faith based company founded in 2003 by Cindy Monroe.  Thirty-One's      motto is "Celebrate, Encourage, and Reward" and the company strives to do just that. 

Becoming A Consultant

3. What are the benefits of becoming a Thirty-One consultant?

       As a Thirty-One consultant, you are your own boss. You are able to work as many or as little hours as you would like. You will receive 25% commission on all personal volume sales, including embroidery (this does not include business supply orders). If you decide to grow a team and work up the career path, you will have the opportunity to earn bonuses (overrides) on your team and additional commissions on your own sales. For more information regarding becoming a Thirty-One Independent Consultant, please contact me at

4. How do I stay an active consultant?

You must submit $200 in personal volume (retail) sales in 3 consecutive month period to remain active. 

5. Do I have to recruit new consultants?

 No, there is no requirement to recruit new consultants. When you become a Thirty-One consultant, this is your business and as such you can choose to recruit or not recruit. If you do choose to recruit, you begin receiving commissions when you reach Senior Consultant status (2-4 personally enrolled, qualified and active consultants).

6. Do I receive any support as a Thirty-One consultant?

Yes! I, as your sponsor, will help you every step of the way. In addition, we have an incredible upline, who provides support and training and the Home Office provides great support and training, as well.

7.  How do I sign up under you when I am not local to the Las Vegas area?

Yes, there are no terroritories with Thirty-One and a consultant may sign up under a consultant who does not live in their area. Thirty-One is a growing company, which has had substantial growth over the last few years, yet there are still many areas where there are no Thirty-One consultants, yet.  If you already have a Thirty-One consultant you order from in your area, please feel free to see if they would like to become your sponsor and sign you up. If you do not have a Thirty-One consultant that you order from, I would love to be your sponsor.

Hosting a Party

8. What are the benefits of being a Thirty-One hostess?

As a Thirty-One hostess, you have the opportunity to earn free products, half-priced items, and additional discounts with a qualified party ($200 or more). There are also additional FREE products available to you if guests book their own parties and you attend!

9. What is a qualifed party?

A qualified party is a party with $200 or more in retail sales (not including tax and shipping). Embroidery is included in the retail sales total.

10. Can my family and friends order from my party online?

    Yes, when you host a party we can discuss having a link to your party online, as well. That way friends and family from anywhere in the United States may order.

11. Are there different types of parties?

      Yes, there are hostess parties, catalog parties, internet parties and theme hostess parties (as well as a combination).  Feel free to email me so we can design the perfect party for you.

Having a Fundraiser

12. Can my organization do a fundraiser with Thirty-One?

 Yes, your organization can do a fundraiser with Thirty-One. Please contact me for details on fundraising with Thirty-One at


13. How to I place an order?

      Go to to view the current catalog, monthly specials and to place an online order. If you live in the Las Vegas Valley, you may contact me at to shop with me in person or host a party.

14. Where can I find the monthly specials?

The monthly specials are available on my site at, as well as by emailing me. You can also join my Facebook group here to stay up to date on news, specials, and other rewards just for my customers.

15. Is there a charge for embroidery?

Yes, a $7 flat fee per product. There is also a new option called "Icon-It" that will be available for an additional fee. Please view the catalog for more information.

16. Do products need to be paid for at time of order?

 Yes, all products, tax and shipping must be paid at the time of order, whether ordered online or in person.

 What are you waiting for? Contact me to today to place an order, host a party, or become a Consultant!

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