Monday, December 27, 2010

Making Baby Food...Anyone else done this?

So now that Lane is eating solids 3 times a day, I REALLY need to get him to eat some veggies at least one of those meals. I have jars of Gerber green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, and carrots, but he absolutely HATED the green beans and refuses to eat anything except fruit and cereal. I want to try making my own veggie purees, and I'm hoping not only will he like those more, but that it will save me some money and be healthier for him.

Is anyone else doing this? I'm not really sure how to start, or what seasonings are ok to add. I just want my baby to eat veggies!!!

In other news, I got a sewing machine for Christmas! And a Wii Fit. And my Shark Steam Mop that I've been asking for for the last year! I have big plans for all of these, hopefully I can stick to them! I'm working on my list of New Year's Resolutions, I will be posting that sometime in the next couple of days once I get them all down.

For now, I have to get back to cleaning, I'm STILL trying to get my house back to normal since Christmas exploded all over it! 

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  1. keyword is butter. Oh yah, butter and chicken stock. who doesn't love those flavors? I know it may seem bad to add those to your homemade baby food, as I ventured into this new world only a few weeks ago myself. But my son sees a nutrionist and she told me what was ok. people have different opinions but I will just give you mine and hers. Not only does she have a degree for that, she also completed culinary school. She salt until they are a year, and never give salt to them when they are sick. But cinammin is ok, butter fer sure. (she said it is normal for kids and babies to hate veggies so do what you have to do to get them to eat it). other spices okay to use past 7 months are basil, garlic, parsely, very very fine of course, and very very very fine onion...better to cook and steam before pureeing into food. just a suggestion :)