Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blogging Goals for 2011

Well I know I said I would be posting these yesterday, unfortunately the stomach flu has hit our house so we were all in bed far it was just me and Rian(and my in-laws) who had it, but I am waiting for Lane to get sick like I'm sure he will...

Anyway, a day late, but here are my goals for this wonderful blog for this year:

1. Plan my blogs according to the day of the week:

  •  Meal-Plan Monday-Our menu for the week, plus Shopping Trip photos/cost breakdown, etc.
  •  Time-Out Tuesday- A new idea every week for a little pampering/"me time" ritual
  • Weigh-In Wednesday- My current weight loss stats, plus whatever I'm struggling the most with that week
  • Trial Run Thursday- I want to try one new craft project a week(possibly lowering this goal to 2 a month depending on how cheap I can find supplies
  • Free Family Fun Friday- Free(or very cheap) things to do around Vegas for the upcoming week(plus ideas of how to adapt these to wherever you live if you aren't in the Vegas area)
For right now, I am only going to commit to posting on weekdays, until I get my new routine (thanks, FLYLady!) down pat. Sundays are our family day, so at most, I may be adding a Saturday post in the future. I also may post more than once each day, if the urge hits me, or if I find a deal I just can't pass up!

2. Write out as many posts as I can at least a week in advance, so they are ready to go when the day comes(leaving me no excuse!)

3. Increase my readership. I need some constructive feedback from my loyal readers-what do you want to see? What can I do better?

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