Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Whole Foods Trip-They make that?!?!?

I had to take Lane to get allergy testing done this morning. We are fairly certain it is a dairy allergy(with possibly soy sensitivity as well), but the dr is checking for everything just to be sure. On our way out the door, I realized we were out of his milk, so after the blood draw, I decided to stop in Whole Foods and check it out. I wanted to get some almond milk to try him on anyways, since we know for sure he isn't allergic to nuts.

First off, that store smells AMAZING!!! I could spend hours in there standing by the smokehouse section! But, what was most amazing to me was the huge selection. Am I the only person in the world who didn't know there were options for yogurt?!? I honestly thought there was NO way we were going to find a subsitute for yogurt(which Lane loves) if it turns out to be a dairy allergy. I was so wrong! They have soy yogurt, coconut milk yogurt, even almond milk yogurt!

I also fell in love with their salad bar. Too often, I buy veggies and produce for dinner, only need about half of what I bought(even if I buy the smallest quanity I can) and the rest goes to waste. So frustrating! I was able to fill a take-out container with just enough peppers and onions for tonights fajitas, and the prep work was already done!

Although it is definitely more expensive, I feel better knowing we have a LOT of options, whatever Lane's allergies turn out to be, and I also feel better knowing that our family is getting healthier, less processed foods.

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