Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fabric, fabric, and more fabric!

I did something I wasn't supposed to yesterday. I cleaned. Not a LOT, I just cleaned out/reorganized our Harry Potter closet and one section of our garage, but I couldn't stand it anymore. I promised myself that I would rest all day today and not get up unless 100% necessary to make up for it.

The closet has unfortunately become our "dumping ground" for anything we don't have room for anywhere else. It is also our pantry, and before I cleaned it, you couldn't even walk into the closet to get something that wasn't on the shelf in the front. It was bad. It's still not perfect, and won't be until I can convince my hubby with hoarding tendencies that we don't NEED half of the stuff he refuses to let go of, but it's at least an improvement.

On to the fabric story. 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to learn to sew. I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas, and I was convinced that I could teach myself. I was sadly mistaken. I got frustrated and gave up halfway through making a carrier for Little Man. My sewing machine now sits in the back of the HP closet, and next to it was a bag of fabric and what I thought was just other bags of miscellaneous craft supplies.

My mom has always been good at sewing, and made every single Halloween costume for my brother and I until we were too old, but if you know her, she is not shy about how much she hates it. My brother and I used to walk on eggshells the entire month of October because we knew how cranky she was going to be, but she did it out of love for us. I'm pretty sure there may have been some threats about "No Christmas" during those hell months over the years, but she must not have ever told Santa, and the threat was usually enough to make us stop fighting. But I digress. Even as much as she hates sewing, she has offered to teach me how to use my sewing machine so that I can finish all of the projects I posted about before. Have I mentioned lately how awesome my mom is?

Anyway, in true ADD fashion, here is what I found when I went through my craft supplies:

I also found some fleece for a sleep sack pinned to a pattern and cut out, but of course, never finished. I think there is a possibility I'm a fabric hoarder. Hopefully, I can change this with a little help from my mom in the next few weeks.

Anyone need any baby items????


  1. haha like they always say, watching the show hoarders makes you feel a little better about the mess in your house haha. I've designated today to clean my room and my kitchen. I'm a bit of a procrastinator and a organized mess kinda gal so let's see where this goes. you know it's bad when the hubby's wish for his bday next week is a 100% spotless place =(...usually because i clean the whole house and throw what i couldn't get done in our bedroom hehe to hide it from our guests =p

  2. Too funny! With me being on bedrest, our house is definitely in "bare minimum" status these days, my mom helps out as much as she can, but I am in need of a serious de-clutter mission, only I can't get my husband to let of ANYTHING. It's driving me insane!