Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'm Back! For real.

I decided I might as well do something productive since I am stuck on the couch for the forseeable future(or at least the next 4 months). So far Luke is proving to be as stubborn as independent as his daddy and big brother, so it's going to take a lot of prayer, and an annoying amount of rest, to keep him cooking for a few more months. Ugh! I am SO not good at laying down and doing nothing. Thankfully, my mom is here, and due to an unfortunate accident involving a toilet in the apartment above her, staying with us for the next few weeks. I can always count on her to take care of me! She came home from a Target run today and made me an ultra-comfy bed on my couch:

Now at least I won't be miserable since I can only go upstairs once a day! Now if I could just find a tray or table of some kind to keep my giant glasses of water I'm downing in an attempt to keep the contractions away(it's not helping), I'd be set!

We find out tomorrow afternoon if I am going to need to get a cerclage. I'm not sure which way I'm hoping it goes. On one hand, I feel like the cerclage would give me some reassurance when I'm having all of "irritability" as the nurse called my lighter contractions Friday night. But if they say I don't need one, it means that all of the contractions over the last week haven't been productive and nothing has changed, which would be a good thing. Plus, my perinatologist said they would be giving me an epidural, and given my last experience with one, I'm not too confident in its ability to stop me from feeling what's happening.

On a happy note, my BFF will be here Wednesday night!!!
I am SO excited to her see and her awesome kiddos for 4 whole days! This pic is from the last time we saw each other, before Lane was even here. One of the upsides to living in Vegas is everyone wants to drive through or fly through here to see you. :)

I had a direction I wanted to go with all of this, but totally lost it. My mom's spaghetti just smells too yummy. With that, I'm going to go eat some dinner. Maybe I'll remember what I wanted to say eventually. Or not.

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